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Our Centers

With 3 programs in 16 centers covering 6 counties, we are dedicated to serving the Northwest Georgia area.  See the available program(s) at each center by county. 


Find the Center that's closest or right for you, and view the appropriate school calendar for that specific center by clicking the program link.

Battlefield Primary HS

Lakeview EHS

Cloud Springs HS / Pre-K

Fort Oglethorpe EHS

Catoosa County

Chattooga County HS / EHS

Chattooga County

Dade County

Murray HS / EHS

Murray CNI EHS

Murray County

Mountain View HS / EHS / Pre-K

South Walker HS / EHS / Pre-K

Rock Spring HS / EHS

Walker County

Dalton Heritage HS / Pre-K

Whitfield Dalton HS / EHS

Dalton High School EHS

Kid's Community EHS

Beaverdale HS

Whitfield County

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